Centralina launches “CONNEXT” to jumpstart the implementation of CONNECT Regional Growth Framework

The CONNECT Regional Growth Framework is developed, but "CONNEXT," the implementation phase of CONNECT, has just begun.

During May and June 2015, local government staff will be invited to participate in county-by-county meetings developed to introduce the more than 70 local government tools prepared as part of the CONNECT Our Future project.

“Completing the framework is only the beginning. The next step of implementing the framework – called “CONNEXT” – will take the continued collaborative work of residents, cities, counties, businesses, educators, non-profits, and other organizations within our region,” said Michael Johnson, Chair of Centralina Board.

The local government tools and best practices of the CONNECT Regional Growth Framework were developed based on the input received over the last three years, addressing the issues important to communities in this region.  Communities will determine the tools that would be most helpful in meeting their local needs.  The CONNECT Consortium will meet in late summer to hear results from the county meetings, determine annual priorities, and discuss metrics for celebrating the region’s progress towards the Regional Growth Framework.

CONNECT Our Future was a three-year process to develop a Regional Growth Framework  to support economic and job growth, as well as population growth in the 14-county Greater Charlotte Region through 2050. The Framework was developed through extensive community-based participation, engaging more than 8,400 people over three years, and guided by a 100- member public-private Consortium.

The Regional Growth Framework is a combination of a regional vision (preferred growth scenario) based on the regional priorities, and the tools, tactics and strategies to guide housing, jobs and transportation system growth to realize the vision. Visit www.ConnectOurFuture.org to learn more about the process, framework and tools available for communities. Download CONNECT Magazine

The Regional Growth Framework:

  • Helps address the challenges of a rapidly growing region that is expected to expand by 1.8 million residents and 860,000 jobs over the next 40 years.
  • Helps communities decide how to best utilize limited resources (infrastructure and systems) to serve that growth.
  • Provides tools to support every community focusing on what is most important to them.
  • Develops a regional context and framework for addressing issues that, to be successfully resolved, must be addressed on a regional or multi-jurisdictional basis.

Implementing the CONNECT Regional Growth Framework requires the development of regional systems, capacity building and relationship building.  We encourage you to stay involved and encourage others to become a CONNEXT partner.  Join the CONNECT Consortium; provide your support of the ongoing work to implement CONNECT Framework. 

For more information about CONNECT Our Future and CONNEXT contact Michelle Nance at mnance@centralina.org or 704-372-2416.

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