Grant Available to Help Local Governments Improve Building Energy Efficiency

For many communities, small improvements or repairs to their buildings can have a huge impact on what they spend on energy costs. 

The NC Utility Savings Initiative has issued a Request for Proposals for NC local government units to apply for a grant to optimize their building controls system. 

Well-planned proposals are due by 2 pm on December 4, 2015. 

For those communities that have already identified targeted building controls projects that would not otherwise be possible without outside funding assistance, this grant represents an opportunity to bridge this gap. The maximum grant award amount for local government units is $10,000. The annual energy expenditure of the local government unit must be under $1,000,000 to apply. 

If your local government unit would like more information or to be directed to individuals and organizations that can provide more in-depth assistance, please contact Jason Wager, Centralina's Planning Program Supervisor-Sustainability at or 704-348-2707.

To access the full RFP, click the following link:

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