Transportation Program Coordinator Bjorn Hansen is Back

Bjorn Hansen, CCOG’s Transportation Program Coordinator, is back, safe and sound, from Iraq, his second deployment there with the U.S. Army Reserve, and third deployment overall. Bjorn was in Iraq for approximately 10 months, and returned to the U.S. in early July. After a well-deserved vacation, Bjorn returned to work at CCOG on August 29.

While in Iraq, Bjorn’s official title was "Knowledge Manager," and he dealt with the development, administration, and assessment of the thousands of reconstruction and security projects that have been executed there since the U.S. has had a presence in the country. His work was used by the U.S. ambassador to Iraq, as well as military and Iraqi provincial leaders, to demonstrate the work done in Iraq since 2003. For his work, Bjorn was awarded the Bronze Star.

Below are answers Bjorn gave us to questions about his work in Iraq.  

Q.  What does it mean to be a "Knowledge Manager"?

A.   I worked in five of the 18 provinces in Iraq, where I analyzed reports and developed a Common Operating Picture of the civilian and political situation in those provinces.  

Q.  Why were you awarded the Bronze Star?

A.  Bronze Stars are given to soldiers who have performed above the call of duty and helped accomplish the mission. For me, this meant collecting and understanding eight years' worth of reconstruction data and projects to understand just what the United States had accomplished in Iraq. This work was referenced by the State Department and the division commander for the southern part of Iraq as the ideal analysis of the accomplishments of the United States.

Q.  Did  your work for the Army Reserve have anything in common with your work for CCOG?

A.  I am a civil affairs sergeant in the Army Reserve, which means I have had the same opportunities to work in Iraq as I have at Centralina. In other words, that means I work on development, governance, safety, health, and education issues with Iraqi leaders, similar to working with American leaders. This is done to help develop a stable and effective governance system in Iraq to support the society and economy.

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