Plan4Health Workshop a Success!

On April 22 more than 50 planners, public health officials, parks and recreation professionals, and elected officials, from across North Carolina gathered for the Centralina Health Solution’s “Walkability Audit and Park Access” workshop at the Dorothy Waddy Pavilion in Charlotte.  It was the first workshop held locally to combine walkability and park access as part of the Plan4Health grant.

“During CONNECT Our Future, our region’s residents identified transportation options including walking and parks and open space as priorities for future planning initiatives,” said Michelle Nance, Planning Director at Centralina COG and introductory speaker at the Centralina Health Solution’s “Walkability Audit and Park Access” workshop. 

The daylong workshop included presentations by Michelle Nance, Scott Curry from Charlotte Department of Transportation, and Jacquie Simmons from the North Carolina Office of Health and Disability. Following introductory presentations on street design for walkability and increasing access to parks for every age and ability, participants broke into smaller groups to gain hands-on experience using AARP’s “Sidewalks and Streets Survey” or the “ADA Checklist for Existing Facilities: Play Areas.”

Workshop participants commented that this event helped equip them to view their streets and play spaces differently and consider short and long term solutions to increasing walkability and park access in their communities.

 “We are thrilled that the Plan4Health grant that Centralina COG received from the American Planning Association (APA), in partnership with the North Carolina Chapter of APA, has allowed us to offer these important training opportunities for cross-sector professionals to learn how to design their communities to promote health and well-being” said Katherine Hebert, Healthy Community Design Specialist at CCOG.

This workshop was the result of combined efforts of the Plan4Health grant coalition members from the Mecklenburg County Health Department, Charlotte Department of Transportation, Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation, the American Association of Retired Persons, and the North Carolina State Health Department.

If you could not attend the workshop but would like to access materials and presentations, go to .

For more information on the Plan4Health grant, contact Katherine Hebert at or at 704-372-2416.   

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