Catawba-Wateree Water Management Group Annual Report Just Released

As a member of the Catawba-Wateree Water Management Group’s (CWWMG) Advisory Committee, Jason Wager of the Centralina COG staff represents the Local Government perspective.  In this role, CCOG is pleased to share the CWWMG Annual Report with you given the regional impact and value water represents for us all. 

More than ever, we are faced with challenges ranging from population growth to drought to policy shifts that underscore the need to understand the trends influencing this significant regional water source, how this water gets used, and the vital role of regional collaboration to implement the strategies required to ensure that we have long term access to clean water.

This new 2015/2016 CWWMG Annual Report is posted to the CWWMG website. Please share the link with the elected officials, staff, and other stakeholders in your community.  

Please contact Jason Wager at 704-348-2707 or for additional information.  

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