North Carolina COGs collaborate on a consolidated economic strategy initiative called "NC Tomorrow"

The State of North Carolina is engaged in the development of a Consolidated Economic Strategy Initiative across the state, NC Tomorrow. This initiative will be composed from regional economic strategy plans from each of the 16 regional North Carolina Councils of Governments (COGs).  

The field of economic development has been changing rapidly over the last eight to ten years and since the financial crisis of 2007-08, it has changed dramatically.  Local and regional economic development initiatives are calling for new leadership skills that include entrepreneurial development, economic gardening, collaborative network creation, risk- taking and more global thinking.

Successful regions across the country increasingly find themselves looking at ways to drop the “imaginary boundaries” created by federal and state authorities and exploring ways to create partnerships that leverage local, state, regional and federal resources and focuses on meeting the needs of the region.

These needs can no longer be focused just on “community infrastructure” even though it is still critically important, but more on the needs of the region’s core business community.  Without jobs, the sustainability or resilience of the region is in serious jeopardy in spite of good roads, excellent schools and abundant utilities.  Therefore the business community is a critical partner in developing a common sense and sustainable North Carolina Consolidated Economic Strategy.

With the support of the Department of Commerce, the 16 COGs will work in partnership to develop a Statewide Economic Development “Planning Process” driven by leadership and collaborative partnerships jointly developing a “shared vision”.  NC Tomorrow will require real leadership from the regional councils of government to be successful and must be a “living document” that is never really done. 

NC Tomorrow can serve as a “blueprint” for growth and development based on common-sense, sustainable best practices and “one version of the truth“provided by data collection and analysis from the SAS Institute of Cary, NC.  The SAS Institute is developing software specifically for the initiative, North Carolina Regional Economic Prosperity Strategy (REPS).  REPS will be a “tool” for use by planning professionals, economic development professionals, elected officials and private industry developers.  REPS will be housed at the SAS Institute in Cary at their Worlds Headquarters in the Institute for State and Local Government that was established in 2010. 

As a community, business, or regional elected leader, the NC Tomorrow Initiative needs your input early in the process. So, the North Carolina Association of Regional Councils has developed an initial survey that is being administered by all 16 COGs within their regions.  It will only require a few minutes of your time.  We know your time is important and we value your participation. 

To participate in the survey go to

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